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Oats 'n Hoes is a nourishing facial cleanser with the addition of shea butter, designed to cleanse sensitive skin. Formulated with almond milk & aloe juice, this face bar removes impurities and make-up with a gentle soothing lather. 
Ideal for irrittated & dry skin.

75 g | cardboard box



Almond Milk // Soothing. Contains vitamin E to help reduce free radicals that contribute to premature aging.

Aloe // Antinflammatory, reducing redness and irritation to skin. Reduces size of pores. 

Colloidal Oats // Starches and beta-glucans in oats are responsible for creating a protective barrier on skin, while different phenols present have antinflammatory properties.

Geranium //  Minimizes inflammation, reduces redness, and tightens due to its astringent properties. 

Full list of Ingredients // saponified olive oil*, saponified rapeseed oil*, saponified coconut oil*, almond milk*, shea butter*, colloidal oatmeal*, aloe juice*, kaolin clay, essential oil (geranium*).


+ vegan
+ tested on willing humans, not animals. 
+ biodegradable 
Free of // SLS, phthalates, artificial fragrances/pigments, hardening agents, petroleum or palm oil.

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