Clay Mask / Artichoke Me, Daddy

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Draws out metabolic impurities & rejuvenates tired skin with a blend antioxidants vitamins & minerals.  Artichoke Me, Daddy is a great addition to your weekly skin care routine keeping skin clear, supple & radiant.   

Suitable for normal & combination skin.

30 ml | glass bottle



Jerusalem Artichoke // High in vitamin B & C, magnesium, calcium, potassium and copper assisting in the restoration of youthful glow and collagen synthesis. Decreases size of pores giving a more even complexion.

Seaweed // Powerful purifier, drawing out impurities while imparting benefits to the skin. It helps to slough off dead skin cells giving a healthy, revitalized and glowing appearance. Contains fatty acids, therefore suitable for use on irritated skin. Alleviates chapping, cracking and from dry and irritated skin. Odour can be off-putting in large quantities.
Wheatgrass // Enhances glow and elasticity of skin, has antiseptic properties.  Rich in antioxidants. Contains pantothenic acid which plays an important role in evenness of skin pigmentation. High in Chlorophyll assisting in neutralizing toxins. Can soothe skin for mild irritations. 

Full list of Ingredients // french green clay, bentonite clay, Jerusalem artichoke*, seaweed*, wheatgrass*, alfalfa grass*, barley grass*, oat grass*, essential oil (sweet orange*).


+ vegan

+ tested on willing humans, not animals

+ biodegradable

+ nut-free


Free of // phthalates, artificial fragrances/pigments, petroleum derivatives.

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